Their wounds have healed. Now Japan's banks are on the hunt again - UK
For Somerville, the biggest surprise is that the Chinese, who are also flush with cash and have steered clear of the sub-prime crisis, have not joined the ...
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Living the subprime dream
St. Joseph News-Press - St. Joseph,MO,USA
This from the bunch who gave us the term subprime. The average American is left to work hard to cover health insurance premiums and a house payment. ...
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Six things you need to know to understand the financial crisis
Boston Globe - United States
During the housing boom earlier in the decade, many lenders relaxed standards and made subprime loans to homebuyers. These loans were risky and had interest ...
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Bill Heard dealerships took risky road
Atlanta Journal Constitution - GA, USA
Like the Wall Street investment bankers who grabbed up securities backed by risky subprime home mortgages, Heard apparently staked too much on people who ...
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Markets expected to remain volatile
Economic Times - Gurgaon,Haryana,India
The US sub-prime crisis is still haunting global markets. It has cast its shadow over the global markets and has already wiped out many financial ...
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Al Gore: World Can't Afford 'Subprime Carbon'
Greentech Media - Cambridge,MA,USA
While the subprime mortgage crisis is at the top of businesses' minds right now, as congressional negotiators work on a $700 billion bailout, another crisis ...
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Guess who’s subprime now?
Daily News & Analysis - Mumbai,India
... and on learning that I wrote, threw in trivia like, “Do you know, American Dialect Society’s Word of the Year 2007 was ‘subprime’? ...
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Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis: Caused By Lack Of Regulations? (press release) - Salem,OR,USA
Did lack of regulation create the subprime mortgage crisis? I’m asked this all the time. The short answer: Of course not. Nowhere close. Not a chance. ...
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Who is subprime borrower?
By Trustfloor(Trustfloor)
A sub-prime lender is one who lends to borrowers who do not qualify for loans from mainstream lenders. Some are independent, but increasingly they are affiliates of mainstream lenders operating under different names. ...
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California, Florida top states suffering from subprime mortgage ...
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Consumer Rights League, Obama, ACORN and The SubPrime Mortgage
By NancyA
The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), with a smattering of Obama and ACORN thrown in to the mix assisted in the creation of the subprime housing saga. The saga led to the governmental take over of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. ...

The Subprime Gamble
By trains1919
In a need for what he once had, he is willing to bet on just about anything: sub-prime; ARM, no money down. He will extend a bet to anything and anyone to get his stake back. Pennies photo by Jon Sullivan.
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Economics of Subprime Crisis and Bail Out
By binnyblue
What is Sub Prime Lending? In US individuals with bad or limited credit history (or job history) find it difficult to get loan at normal market rates. Some institutions provide loans to such borrowers at a higher than normal (Prime) ...
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