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Some Saw The Fannie/Freddie Crash Coming
Opinion Editorials - Fairfax,VA,USA
In 1990, after outstanding residential mortgage credit had expanded more than tenfold from $220.8 billion in 1965 to $2.6 trillion in 1990 and after the ...
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Lennar calls for government help for US builders
MarketWatch - USA
Quarterly revenue fell to $1.11 billion from the year-earlier quarter's $2.34 billion, underscoring the slowdown in US residential construction. ...
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What's $700 billion worth?
Chicago Tribune - United States
"The bank doesn't care if it's taking a loss on a residential mortgage product or a credit card product. The really hard question is how you're going to ...
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Government bailouts are bearish
National Post - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
All that’s changed in the past year has been the type of asset that soured: residential mortgages and mortgage-backed securities. ...
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The Rise And Fall Of The USA’s Housing Market..
By Keys4Cash
Investors from around the globe agreed, investing wildly in the residential mortgage market. What investors did not realize is that while the housing market had performed magically for decades, lenders were underwriting crazy loans to ...
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What's Your Plan To Never Have Another Personal Down Market?
By Ed Wacaster (Residential Pacific Mortgage)(Ed Wacaster (Residential Pacific Mortgage))
Don't get me wrong here, this is not a knock on Nouveau Riche; in fact I could see some benefit to it for someone who needs to learn all of this stuff most of us already know. So if you're involved in that program, I'm rooting you on, ...
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US Dollar suffers as perhaps the $700 billion is not enough.
By Euro pound exchange(Euro pound exchange)
“To put the size of TARP in perspective, outstanding residential mortgage backed securities (RMBS either securitized or whole loan) total about $5.8 trillion. Outstanding commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS securitized or whole ...
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Winners from the mega-bailout
By Admin
Nevertheless, it seems a fair bet that US banks with big holdings of US residential mortgage backed securities will benefit. After all, it ought to be relatively easy to sell a bailout politically provided it is tied to US banks and US ...
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Why is this blog named Credit Writedowns?
When Greenspan went all in in 2003, the US residential property market was arguably already in a bubble. The same was true in many parts of the UK as house price increases had already far outstripped the rise in inflation and house rent ...
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