US residential mortgage

Mortgage market given $4bn boost
Melbourne Herald Sun - Australia
Ms Bishop said the Treasurer had revealed complete lack of understanding about the residential mortgage-backed securities market last Sunday when he ...
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Ending the Credit Crunch: Four Benchmarks to Watch
None of this has been good news for the near-term growth prospects of the US economy. While the past year's escalating rate of residential mortgage ...
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World on edge as US talks on Wall St bailout stall
The Australian - Sydney,Australia
Bank executives and economists are united in the belief the package, which will be used to buy the toxic mortgage debt of distressed US banks, is essential ...
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Merrill challenges view that Canada is immune to US style housing ...
The Canadian Press - TORONTO
TORONTO — Merrill Lynch is challenging the prevailing view that Canada's housing and mortgage markets are more stable than their US counterparts, ...
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The $700 Billion Question: Which Firm Will Manage the Bailout Money?
Wall Street Journal Blogs - New York,NY,USA
It was the government’s choice to manage $29 billion of Bear Stearns’ mostly residential mortgage securities. And it was “very involved” in working with the ...
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US Rep. Maxine Waters Honored With 2008 Congressional Leader of ...
MarketWatch - USA
Maxine Waters' leadership with this legislation ensures that California cities, some of the hardest hit in the nation by the mortgage crisis, have access to ...
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Hold-out Republicans propose own financial rescue deal
... the Treasury the authority to borrow up to 700 billion dollars to finance the purchase of troubled residential and commercial mortgage-related assets. ...
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More on the Cantor plan to insure everybody's mortgage
By Justin Fox
There's about $12 trillion in US residential mortgage debt outstanding. At the end of 2007 $591 billion of that was explicitly insured by the federal government, through the Federal Housing Administration and the Veterans Administration ... The Curious Capitalist -

Keep Your Eyes On The Ball
By MaxedOutMama(MaxedOutMama)
``I refused to go along with some of this stuff, and how they got around it, I don't know,'' says Raiter, 61, a former S&P managing director whose business unit rated 85 percent of all residential mortgage deals at the time. ...
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Ending the Credit Crunch: Four Benchmarks to Watch
By Vision(Vision)
This will relieve anxieties surrounding residential mortgage-backed securities that -- rightly or wrongly -- are widely perceived to be a large collateral stake for the entire US financial system. On this front, there is very good news: ...
Vision -

Global Central Banks Brace For Liquidity Crunch, Friday, September ...
By Kalin Tasev(Kalin Tasev)
... US$10 billion in its first US dollar repurchase operation. Further, the Australian government announced that it will invest A$4 billion in two tranches in the domestic residential mortgage-backed securities to boost home lending. ...
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Stupid bankers
By John Bull(John Bull)
I could dazzle you with talk of mortgage-related derivatives such as RMBSs (Residential Mortgage Backed Securities), CDOs (Collateralised Debt Obligations), SIVs (Structured Investment Vehicles) and such like, but that is all quite ...
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