Obama slams 'risky' McCain mortgage plan
DAYTON, Ohio (AFP) — Barack Obama slammed John McCain's plan to buy up 300 billion dollars in bad mortgages as "risky" on Thursday, and warned his White ...
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Obama Slams McCain Mortgage Plan
by Bonney Kapp DAYTON, OH - Barack Obama had a few things to say today about John McCain’s new call to buy up bad mortgages, first mocking him for taking ...
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McCain defends mortgage proposal
Boston Globe - United States
The tag team of John McCain and Sarah Palin, trying to body-slam Barack Obama to the mat, said today that his Democratic rival is more interested in helping ...
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Major mortgage lenders fail to pass on rate cut - United Kingdom
Homebuyers could see their mortgage costs rise despite the interest rate cut, after some banks yesterday failed to pass on the cut while others pulled some ...
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Should the sheriff stop evictions?
Chicago Tribune - United States
Unless you've paid off the mortgage and hold the title free and clear, it's not your house. It's the house of someone else, who is letting you live there. ...
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Abbey wipes out base rate cut by raising mortgage costs
Times Online - UK
Abbey is raising interest rates on its popular "tracker" mortgage deals by 0.5 percentage points, erasing the benefit of yesterday's emergency cut in the ...
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US 30-, 15-year mortgage rates fall in latest week
Reuters - USA
WASHINGTON, Oct 9 (Reuters) - US 30- and 15-year mortgage rates fell in the latest week, according to a survey released on Thursday by home funding company ...
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Obama ad slams McCain's mortgage plan
Here's the latest from Team Obama, which takes on McCain's new mortgage plan in its latest ad. The ad paints McCain's proposal, unveiled at the beginning of ...
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Mortgage rates slip to 5.94% - USA
Mortgage finance firm Freddie Mac (FRE, Fortune 500) reported Thursday that 30-year fixed-rate mortgages averaged 5.94% this week. ...
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House prices drop at fastest rate in 25 years - United Kingdom
House prices dropped at the fastest annual rate in 25 years last month, according to the latest monthly survey from mortgage lender Halifax, as the turmoil ...
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Obama Calls McCain Mortgage Plan 'Risky'
By By Patrick Healy
Barack Obama this afternoon condemned John McCain's plan for the government to buy bad home mortgages as "McCain's bailout" for risk-taking banks and lenders.
The Caucus -

McCain's Screwy Mortgage Plan
By Noam Scheiber
Like a lot of people, I was initially intrigued by the mortgage bailout plan McCain announced Tuesday night without much elaboration. But, the more I think and read about it, the more I'm persuaded it's a terrible idea. ...
The Stump -

McCain's mortgage plan draws fire
By Steve Benen
MCCAIN'S MORTGAGE PLAN DRAWS FIRE.... One of the reasons the "erratic" meme seems to be effective against the McCain campaign is that the Republican nominee has been all over the map in response to the financial crisis. He said it...
Political Animal -

Obama Hits McCain's Mortgage Plan
By Andrew Sullivan
Ouch. Well, Michelle Malkin will like it:
The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan -

Mortgage Bankers Association Forms Reverse Mortgage Task Force
By admin
The Reverse Mortgage Report (RMR) just published that the Mortgage Bankers Association is forming a 15 member task force to help establish standards for the reverse mortgage business. The task force will be lead by former MBA Chairwoman ...
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